We had 8 beautiful puppies Born April 18, 2022 - 3 girls and 5 boys
I'm going to be looking for a co own home for a male must be willing to show to at least champion if dog turns out and be willing to do some sport titling. I'm willing to show the dog for the right home too if they don't want to it will be one of the below boys it's not 100% certain which yet though I have some feelings but waiting till 7 week Evals. Please email me if interested. I am not looking for any pet homes at this time must be willing to either allow me to show or be willing to show themselves and must be willing to do sport titles in the future.


All our puppies are raised using the puppy culture method if you are curious about this please check out www.puppyculture.com for more information on this process. All progress and rearing is recorded and posted on our Facebook Page as well as our Instagram Page Prairiemoonast.

Please contact Jaida to inquire about anything that becomes available or future plans at prairiemoonkennels@hotmail.com

Puppy Protocol

At Prairie Moon Kennels we take the health and temperament of our puppies very seriously. We breed for the true American Staffordshire Terriers, this means never having dogs that are human aggressive but there is always a possibility of dog and animal aggression.  This is the breed and is something you have to accept when owning it. 


All of our pups are raised on a high quality raw food to create a balanced diet for optimum nutrition.

Socializing is a major priority at our kennel. All of our pups are socialized at every opportunity possible with all ages of people and as many different experiences that we can expose them to. 


All pups that leave us must be continually socialized to prevent future issues from happening.

All of our dogs are family raised. Teaching the pups early socialization with people and other dogs is essential to a healthier balanced dog.


We introduce our puppies to as many things as possible whether it be noises, objects, animals, people... etc. We follow "The Rule of Seven" (described below) here for optimum temperment, optimum socializtion and creating a well balanced pup. As well as Early Neurological Stimiulation. (Seewww.lowchensaustralia.com/breeding/ensp.htm for description of this)


Age is also very important to the pups over all development and social skills. A huge part of this comes from learning and playing with their littermates and mother. The crucial learning point in a puppies life is between 4-10 weeks of age because of this we will not let our puppies go YOUNGER than 10 weeks and prefer to have them leave at 12-14 weeks.


All of our pups come with a health guarentee detailed in our contract, current up to date vaccine record, de-worming, sample of current food, and a puppy package which includes but not limited to; collar, puppy chew toy, a copy of the book When Pigs Fly, Training Success with Impossible Dogs by Jane Killon, pictures of pup growing up. 


We do offer cropping before you get your pup at your cost. Shipping is also available at your cost only.

Neither cropping or shipping is included in the price of the puppy.


We do however offer a moneyback bonus to those looking for pets where we will pay you back your spay/neuter fee from the cost of the pup after we receive the certificate and confirmation from your vet.


We raise our pups to be the best at what they do whether that be a show dog, competition dog or just a family pet. We take great pride in raising our pups properly and socializing them for a foundation of a happy, healthy, loving and long lifed companion.

Before a puppy is sold we have a questionaire and information package that has to filed out before we agree on the purchase of a puppy.